I. International meeting of the project STEPS

The kick-off meeting of the STEPS project has been hosted by our german partner on the date 15-18 November 2012 in Germany.

The meeting was attended by partners from Italy , CEIPES, International Center for the promotion of education and development, an international organization involved since 2007 in human and social development.  Turkey, Sinop Milli Eğitim Mudurlugu, Ministry of Education responsible for 36,521 students in the region of Sinop.

Germany, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Innovation in Learning Institute, department of the University of Erlangen Nuremberg, powerful center of the development of technologies for the optimization of the learning process, particularly aimed at people with disabilities, and England, Multinational Educational center of Birmingham Ltd which is mainly engaged in the field of adult education and their development.

During this first meeting  the partners could get to know each-other. Some of them were already part of previous project but the whole partnership had the chance to meet together and share their experience and motivation.

The meeting was a great organizational moment, we set down really fundamental milestones for the next two years.

We decided the dissemination strategy, the main activities and outcome to be produced and a detailed scheme to be followed during the two years of the project to guarantee a smooth and solid development.

But of course everything started with the definition of the theme we will work on for the project and we understood the really large differences among our countries regarding the approaches and the way to tackle the horrible problem of the violence over disabled children. Starting from these differences we choose our strategy and we set a precise aim to raise the awarness of the sociaty on this problem.

The meeting was evaluated as very positive by all the members of the partnership. We really have a good base to work on for the following years.