IV. International meeting of the project Steps

The last  meeting of the STEPS project has been hosted in the city of Sinop on 12-14-June-2014, on the black see.

Finally we were hosted by the coordinators of the project the Sinop Milli Eğitim Mudurlugu.

This meeting was organized to finally show the results of the project. We presented our outcomes. Namely:  the infobook on violence against disabled children and the comparative report on the legislative situation in partner countries.

The results were really encouraging we involved many interested persons and our infobook it is going to be distributed to those organizations who showed their interest, plus it will be available on the internet.

Our hosting partner organized a conference in one of the most important school of the city, gathering together, authorities, families, teachers and associations, all of them actively participated in the conference being really interested in the tools that we developed.

We also had a brief coordination meeting to finalize the responsibilities regarding the dissemination and the final report, but after these two years of collaboration, everything went really smoothly .

Apart from the meeting we could enjoy the beauty of the city of Sinop and the hospitality of our Turkish friends, it is always a pleasure to be in Turkey, especially in summer time. Thanks again friends.