III. International meeting of the project Steps

The third  meeting of the STEPS project has been hosted in the city of London on 15-16-November-2013.

This meeting was meant to be the most operative one. We had many urgent issue to discuss, and we decided to make a kind of operative working workshop.

As described in the other articles, our main outputs  will be an info-book regarding the situation of domestic violence over disabled children in the partner countries ( Italy, Germany, Turkey and UK ) and a study of the legislative situation in the countries. During the meeting we reviewed the progress of the info book and we actually worked in this dividing us in groups of work, sharing our knowledge and putting it into practice thanks to a process of active writing.

The results of this meeting were really useful for the continuation of the project itself .

Then we took important decision on the deliverable and we set down various deadlines to finalize the outcomes.

This time in England we had the honour to host the president and other staff member of the “associazione porteaperte” they do a great work with disabled and have a huge experience in the field of rehabilitation and social care. They are giving a great impulse to the project, especially on the practical point of view. Sharing their methodology and expertise with the other members.