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One in every 10 people – a total of around 50 million people- in the EU suffers from some kind of disability or impairment. While all children are at risk of being victims of violence, disabled children find themselves at significantly increased risk because of stigma, negative traditional beliefs and ignorance. Lack of social support, limited opportunities for education, employment or participation in the community further isolates disabled children and their families, leading to increased levels of stress and hardship. Over the last years both the European Union and Members States have taken important steps, promoting the rights of disabled people. Today, however, despite the efforts Europe has taken, disabled people are sadly still victims of rights abuses and targets for violence.

“Steps” project aims to analyses reasons and results of violence against disabled children in particular domestic violance in partner countries and working on new approaches for prevention it. Awareness raising activities on the theme, knowledge, experiences and exchange of the good practices among organizations and partners will be base of this partnership. The target group consists of staff and members of partner organizations Social workers, trainers/teachers, NGOs who work with disable people and public authorities.

This partnership consists of 4 partners from Italy, Turkey, Germany, UK and each partner has their local silent partners for have maximum local impact. This partnership will also disseminate the project’s results in terms of the establishment of innovative and qualitative training methods in a European level. Public and privet authorities could also be benefited by the use of the project’s results.

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